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Our healing work is ceremonial, our ceremonies are healing. Ceremonies are sacred events: each with a specific purpose and intention. They can be about releasing something from our lives that no longer serves us, and making space for something new and fresh. Letting go, and calling in. Each ceremony is different, and achieves results in its own way. Ceremonies are to be honored and respected, and should not be rigid or dogmatic.

Ceremonies are about honoring the sacred. They are about creating space for healing, for shifting, and transforming, releasing, opening, drawing in.

While it's important to bring in a certain amount of ritual and tradition, we also believe it is important to listen to inner guidance for direction, and feel how the ceremony can proceed most effectively. Ceremonies can be modified, tailored to fit the needs of participants, the mood and feel at the time. There is no right or wrong way in ceremony; performance of ceremony should be flexible.

Ceremonies allow us time to pause, to break our usual routines and patterns and to show appreciation for ourselves, for those around us, or afar and in our hearts, for Pachamama, and for the Apus, the spirits of the mountains.

These traditions help us reconnect with our inner core, honoring our space and our time. They allow us to face ourselves directly, to look inward, to reflect, look outward, and to re-determine what is important for us.

Though it could be, it isn't necessary for a ceremony to be an elaborately planned event. It can be spontaneous, celebrated in groups or as individuals. Sometimes the most simple of ceremonies can be the most beautiful and powerful.

Please contact us if you have questions pertaining to the ceremonies.

Sacred Sound Healing Ceremonies & Journeys with Gongs
Take an amazing journey, be re-aligned and balanced by the powerful vibration of the gongs. See Sound for more information.

Quechuan Cleansing and Purification
An Andean healing process that uses a candle flame as a diagnostic tool, followed by the cleansing of the physical and energetic fields, using tools such as eggs, stones, plants, incenses and more, to bring balance and healing to an individual. This is a unique and beautiful ceremony that I was trained in by a family of healers in Ecuador.

Vision Quests
Spend three days and nights in the sacred mountains outside Taos, New Mexico, being supported by Spirit and holders of sacred space. Commencing and ending with an Apache Two Spirit Purification Lodge Ceremony.

Medicine Walk
In the powerful desert of Joshua Tree, CA (and other locations) we will spend our days in individual journey, then meet at night for continued ceremony and reconnection.

A walking meditation to the center of an ancient labyrinth has been described as a moving experience that quiets the mind and helps one achieve an introspective state. It holds the potential for finding greater levels of understanding, peace and personal direction.



Ceremonies for releasing, shedding, grieving, letting go...

and for creating space, becoming open to new possibilities in your life.

Ceremonies for celebration, for honoring, for acknowledgement.

Many of these ceremonies are
held during the Shamanic Journeys.

Fire Ceremonies
Cleansing & Purification
Vision Quests
Medicine Walk

Sacred Andean prayer offerings, mandalas, offering gifts to Mother Earth and the process of the ancient ones.

Fire Ceremonies
The powerful element of fire allows us to send our intentions to the universe, to the Apus, to the Great Spirit, and to be open and receptive. Fire is also used as a cleansing tool, and a way to release, to transmute.

House / Space / Car Cleansings and Blessings
Working with Spirit to energetically cleanse and bless space and objects.

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