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We guide shamanic-themed journeys to Peru, Hawaii, Ecuador and New Mexico. We work with small (2-3 people) to medium (up to 15) sized groups, in a variety of pricing models, based upon program details and duration. These events are highly experiential and for those looking to deepen their own process of understanding and being. If you are interested or want more information on these journeys , please contact us.

Peru: Sacred Valley
Ceremonies with Q'ero shamans, sacred sites and other shamanic traditions

In Peru, we work ceremonially with indigenous Q’ero shamans in the Incan and pre-Incan Power sites. We incorporate shamanic tools and traditions of journeying, sound healing and more, to round the individual experience allowing for additional growth and insight. There are also opportunities to work with sacred plant medicines with experienced shamans, either before, during or after the main journey. Most trips are between 8-11 days.

OCTOBER 21-28, 2017

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Magical Peru 2015
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Magical Peru 2013


Elemental Hawaii: Experience the Sacred on the Magical Big Island
January 15-22 and January 26-February 4, 2017




Yachak Shamans Don Esteban
and sons Jose and Jorge Tamayo

Initiation into a Powerful and Unique Cleansing and Purification Process
In the Valley of the Dawn in the Ecuadorian Andes, we work with a native family of shaman healers known as the Fire Blowing Bird People. We get initiated into their healing tradition using the power of the three surrounding sacred volcanoes, plants, eggs, stones, fire, cologne, tobacco and other shamanic tools. This is a healing tradition that I was initiated into and have been using for many years. Journeys are 10 days.

Me being cleansed with fire during my initiation


New Mexico
Vision Quest and Apache Two Spirit Purification Lodge Ceremony
Vision Quest: A period of spiritual seeking, that typically involves isolation and fasting for the purpose of attaining guidance or knowledge from supernatural forces. An Initiation where one learns about themselves and the mysteries of the universe. A time of internal transformation and renewal. For people who are at a point of change or crisis in their lives, and those who wish to deepen a spiritual or healing path.


We work with good friend and Vision Quest Leader Jim Lengerich in supporting the ceremonial journey of the Quest for Vision. On sacred native land outside of Taos, we work with Spirit, intention and self-discipline. Participants spend three days and nights on the mountain, in solitude, fasting, to re-discover and re-awaken themselves. We begin and finish the process with an Apache Two Spirit Purification Lodge Ceremony, to cleanse and re-birth into our power!



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