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Gray Jeffery   and   Victoria Bliss

We began working together in the summer of 2011 and embarked on our first travel that December, and have been going ever since. Starting in Florida and continuing to Peru, California, Mexico, Hawaii and multiple tours across the US. We have been reaching out to a variety of communities, leading ceremonies in yoga studios, churches, private homes a multitude of other places and sharing our offerings. We love what we do. We love to see the shifts and changes in people as they open to new ways of feeling, seeing and being. We have been warmly received and are welcome to return to all the places we have been.


In January 2015 we had some professional photos taken of us by Waking Crow in Nevada City, CA. Click here for a slideshow of the pics.

Gray Jeffery
“Samanayo” is a tribute to my Ecuadorian teachers, the Tamayos, and shamans across the planet who are generously sharing their traditions, their methods of healing, and their energy medicine. It is for all who share their light and love in service to others. Saman is from the Evenk language of the Tungus tribe in Siberia where Shamanism was born 40,000 years ago. The root word means "to know."

I tapped into my spirituality and understanding of energy in the early 90's. While in Business School in Thailand, I became deeply drawn to Buddhism and Vipassana Meditation. After completing my MBA and working in management in the transportation and internet industries, I went through a spiritual experiential program called the Nine Gates Mystery School in the desert of Joshua Tree, California, that shifted my life. In 2001, I began working with shamans and expanding my understanding of healing tools.

Over the next few years, I went through reiki training, drank ayahuasca in the deep jungles of Ecuador with the Shuar Indians and in northern Peru with a cool shaman, trained with a family of healers in the Ecuadorian Andes, studied medicinal herbs, Spring Forest Qi-Gong, took various workshops and began to perform energy and sound work on a part-time basis with clients.

For over two years I lived in Cusco's Sacred Valley, in the small village of Pisac, managing a hotel and healing center. During my time there I was exposed to more than I thought possible. The energy of the Sacred Valley, Pachamama (Mother Earth), the Apus (the spirits of the mountains), the work with the Q'ero shamans, the medicine men, the healing work on guests/locals/animals, the lights in the night sky, the orbs of light, the sheer beauty of the landscape, the simplicity of life, the harmony of people with the environment: all were powerful, humbling, and transformational.

In mid-2010, I returned to the US and traveled the country performing Sacred Sound Healing Ceremonies with my gongs and other indigenous tools. In 2011, I toured for a second time mostly through the north east and parts of the mid-west and west where I had not previously held ceremony. Victoria and I have been traveling together since December 2011, with multiple cross-country trips, and extended visits in Florida, Hawaii and Peru.

I have lived in North and South America, Europe and Asia and have travelled to over 30 countries. I continue to live in and explore different places around the world.

I have an MBA in Marketing, a BA in Sociology and various certificates and course completions.

Highlights in life have included all the various travel and living experiences, peforming the sound portion of a healing ceremony at the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery for the ten year anniversary of 9/11, receiving my Master's Degree from His Majesty the King of Thailand, climbing a 20,000 foot mountain in the Indian Himalaya, tapping into energy, healing, sound and natural medicines, my family, friends and various animals, and being of service by helping others along the path.


Victoria Bliss

Victoria Bliss, self-named for the life she creates for herself, blissful, has been a personal growth and development trainer for the last 15 years. Her influences include Landmark, East Indian traditions and modern day inspirational leaders like Wayne Dyer, Abraham-Hicks and others that serve to enlighten and awaken those that are called.

Also known as the Manifestation Queen, she blends the wisdom of many prominent teachers along with EFT (Emotional Freeedom Technique), the Deeksha Blessing from India and her own creative tools, to help others manifest, trust and transform their life experience and healing. Victoria teaches ways to create a life that embraces joy, fun, love, play, and ease through complete trust.

For 20 years Victoria was a resident of Grass Valley, CA during which time she raised her son Sean, (former US Marine), owned the retail shop Serendipity and owned the retreat center COCO's (Center of Conscious Oneness) on Hawaii's Big Island. She is a powerful healer, bright light and will change your life!



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