We guide shamanic-themed journeys to Peru's Sacred Valley and Hawaii's Big Island. We work with small (2-3 people) to medium (up to 12) sized groups, in a variety of pricing models, based upon program details and duration. These events are highly experiential and for those looking to deepen their own process of understanding and being. People who have been on our journeys have had experiences that have helped carve their path of passion and reach a new height of self-discovery, joy and love. If you are interested or want more information on these journeys, please contact us. Please also visit the Testimony page for kind words written by others of their experiences on our journeys or other healing work.


Ceremonies with Q'ero shamans, sacred sites and
other shamanic traditions

October 24-Nov. 2, 2019

In Peru, we work ceremonially with indigenous Q’ero paqos at Incan and pre-Incan sacred sites in the Cusco region. The medicine of the Q'ero are Pachamama, our Earth Mother, and the Apus, the Spirits of the mountains. We incorporate shamanic tools and traditions of journeying, sound healing and more to round the individual experience allowing for additional growth and insight. There may be opportunities to work with sacred plant medicines either before or after the main journey. Most trips are 10 days and we encourage you to come a few days early to acclimate to the altitude and stay a few days later. Click here for more information.


Experience the Sacred on the
Magical Big Island

Now that we have our off-grid sacred land and home, Coco Wasi, on the Big Island, we lead private gatherings that mix the power, beauty and diversity of the island with the inner journey of connection and self-discovery through meditation and sound. Gatherings can be tailored to meet specific needs, budgets and time frames during the period of December to June.

In 2018 the Fire Goddess Mama Pele of the Kilauea volcano erupted in a residential area not far from us. She flowed for 94 days, taking over 700 homes and some sacred spots near to where we live. She changed the landscape somewhat but our area was spared and we still have access to some special spots. We also arrange whale and dolphin boat excursions, or may go out to the lava flows, sacred waterfalls, botanical gardens, Volcano National Park and more. The nearest international airport is Hilo (ITO), a forty minute drive from our sanctuary in the jungle. We look forward to sharing with you our sacred land and this magical island.

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OCTOBER 24-Nov. 2, 2019

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