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November 2013

~ a partial video of a Vibrational EFT session from early 2013 ~

~ a little gongs spin-video ~

and drum and chant video ~

Magical Peru Journey Oct. 19-26, 2013

~ PHOTO slide show of our Magical Peru journey from October ~

~ VIDEO Slide show of our Magical Peru Journey ~

Pisonay Tree in Pisac

~ Video of the 500+ year old Pisonay Tree in Pisac being cut down after the wind blew it down ~

~ and more of the Pisonay tree coming down ~

~ Photo slideshow of the tree from standing to no-more! ~

October 2013

Our group was amazing. We had such a beautiful journey in the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu. This land is transformative. What a blessing to share this sacred space!
More pics to follow.

Basilio calling in the Apus

Video of Q'ero shaman Basilio calling in the Apus
at Pisac October 2013

Wonderful to be back in Peru and looking forward to having our group, working
with the Q'ero shamans, visiting sacred Incan sites including the citadel of Machu Picchu. We're staying in the little pueblo of Pisac, a town where I lived for a couple years. It grows and changes and shifts but is still a sweet little town with kind
people and is surrounded by the most majestic mountains.

Pictures at top left and bottom right have some video of this profound area!

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September 2013

New Album: Samanayo
By Samanayo (Gray Jeffery and Victoria Bliss)
Released: September 2013

Click here!

Our new album was released in September consisting of 9 tracks
recorded live in various sacred healing sessions. Now available on CDBaby, Amazon, iTunes and more.

This album is a sacred healing journey, inspired by the teachings and experiences of indigenous shamans and healers around the planet. It is a call to our Ancestors, those who have walked before us, letting them know we are here, we are present, we are connected. It is a remembering, of our essence, our light, our goodness. It is an embrace of our collective Indigenous nature.

Please take a moment to step away from your busy lives. Put on some headphones, turn off the phone, breathe, relax, turn up the volume and enjoy the journey of these sounds.

March 2013
We had the wonderful opportunity to do a private healing session on Dr. Masuru Emoto while he was lecturing on Hawaii's Big Island. He doesn't speak much English but seems to understand it pretty well. After our session I told him there was something I had always wanted to say to him. He looked at me and asked what it was. I looked him straight in the eyes and said in my pseudo-Japanese accent "Arigato, Dr. Emoto!" to which he laughed.
Photos by Yumi Kikuchi

February 2013
Nothing like walking out at three in the morning to watch the
live lava flows on the Big Island of Hawaii. It wasn't flowing last year but this year
had the chance to make two early morning treks. Here are just a few of the pics.

November 2012

CD Single: Yachak - A Call to the Ancients
By Samanayo (Gray Jeffery and Victoria Bliss)
Released: November 22, 2012

We are appreciative of all you who support us, and our healing work. And know we would be very grateful if you contributed to the sales of this cd single Please know a portion of sales will go to The Forgotten Soldier Program. This 501(c)3 provides no-cost therapeutic healing services to US Military veterans of all eras, and their families. I am honored to have been involved in this fine organization the past couple years and, continue to seek ways to contribute to their work.

Available on CD Baby (http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/samanayo2), iTunes, Amazon and many affiliate sites



July 2012

Nearing the end of the journey across the US. We started in early May and will be returning to northern California in a week. What a wonderful trip it has been. We have met the most amazing people in the Vibrational EFT and Sacred Sound Healing Ceremonies. From California to New England and back, the journey always continues. Thank you to all of you who have hosted us, supported us and simply shared yourselves with us. We shall continue down this road as we travel to Florida in September, Peru in October, Mexico in December and Hawaii in January. Sacred Journeys to Peru and Hawaii still have spaces available. Please see the Events page for more details on these trips. Another US tour will begin in the Spring of 2013 as we look to reach more communities. Victoria and I are grateful for all of you and the contributions you make in your lives and to the planet. May you all continue to thrive and shine brightly!!


March 2012

Spent January and first part of February in Peru. So great to be back again, seeing friends, meeting new ones, going to sacred sites, work with shamans, enjoying the power and mystique of the mountains at 10,000 feet. Pisac, my former home, has grown in the last two years. More gringos, more businesses, more construction. There's a vibrancy that has emerged from the severe flooding from two years ago. Pisac has blossomed.

February was spent in Florida with more workshops and gatherings in Key West, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami and Orlando. What a magical reception from the people we encountered. Thank you to all who were a part of the journey. We look forward to returning in September.

Two weeks at home in Northern California. Had the opportunity to lead the sermon at the Unitarian Universalist Church, essentially a sermon on the Medicine of Sound, introducing people to the power of the gongs as it combines with the power of EFT. Held some other gatherings as well, sound healing ceremonies and Vibrational EFT courses.

March in Hawaii, the big Island, leading a retreat for 8 days that was magical, transformational and beautiful. The smallness of the group allowed for deeper personal work with each individual, really allowing the process of growth to occur by shedding the "stories" we create that no longer serve us in beneficial ways, and creating new paradigms by which to focus and move forward, productively, healthily! Will be back in California for two weeks before getting on the road for three months and traveling across the US to do more of this amazing work!!

Heading back to Peru in Otober to lead three journeys. Two of them include visits to sacred Incan sites, Machu Picchu, work with the Q'ero shamans. These are always fun and transformational. The other trip is a medicine journey, working with shamans and plant medicines to more rapidly expedite the healing process. These journeys are beyond people's expectations as the plants help to open the heart and move us towards alignment.

In December will be running stage production for the 12/21/12 event at Chichinitze Mexico, working on bringing Carlos Santana and many other conscious bands to celebrate the beginning of the new era. Yay!!

December 2011

Florida...Key West, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, New Smyrna...a nice place to be in winter, holding workshops, meeting new people, being in new communities, seeing places I haven't been before. Enjoying "the road". Lima on 12/31 and back in FL in February. Life is a gift. One to be cherished, honored and lived fully. I see more and more people awaking, wanting change, wanting to shift things in their lives that are no longer necessary. Whether they are relationships, patterns of behavior, or simply exploring new things, they are changing and hungry for a deeper connection to themselves. Creating sacred space for people to tap into their essence is a joy. It is beyond words when people reach deep within and release those things that have been holding them back, paving the way for the new to arrive! Many blessings to everyone as this year closes. Give thanks for the year that has been, have gratitude for that which is coming, breathe deeply into the present moment of now!

November 2011

Fall came quickly, the summer was short. Four inches of snow in the mountains where I live on November 5th. Seems early. But it melted off during the week. Have held some beautiful gatherings with great people over the last couple weeks. Was asked by Kathleen McIntire to share in an event she was hosting for 11-11-11. We planned the two hour gathering over a brief period of time as ideas poured out as to how we would hold the space, how we would engage the people, activities and meditations, sounds and silence. We had nearly fifty people at her beautiful yurt, a sacred space, set deep in the woods near a glorious mountain lake. My friend Victoria and I have been holding Vibrational EFT sessions and one most recently in the Center for Spiritual Living. Again, a nice turnout, good people, wanting to open, release, draw in, share their experience. She held a sacred music event with artists Shim Shai and Jaya Lakshmi in Grass Valley on 11-11-11 in the evening. She had attended the event at Kathleen's in the morning and asked if I would do a sound healing/brief dialogue with the audience that night at 11:11 pm. So I did. Went onstage before approximately 200 people, the largest group to date. I played my 23 inch gong, had each person touch the person next to them and spoke about connecting to their hearts, the shift into the divine feminine, the need for balance with the masculine. Seemed to go over pretty well. Was fun to share in two events on 11-11-11.

Now am in Abu Dhabi, UAE, visiting my brother and his family. What a place. Amazing. The land of sand, the land of excess, the developments, the enormous buildings and hotels, the heat, the humidity. Was originally going to hold two sound healing ceremonies here and in Dubai but I wound up cancelling them. It didn't seem right to try to hold a ceremony without all of my equipment. I love what I do and I love the tools I use to make it all happen but to only have a small portion of what I usually use felt incomplete. Traveling internationally with my equipment is a whole other aspect I will be considering down the road. For now, it seemed best to enjoy the holiday time with family and not deal with any stresses of trying to hold a ceremony with only a couple tools.

And after here I am heading to Florida for the month of December before heading to Peru to lead a group on a journey through the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, working with the Q'ero shamans and holding a variety of ceremonies. More details on the trip are here. We still have a couple spaces open so please contact me if you are interested in attending.

October 2011

So I returned to California after 5 weeks on the road. Thirteen ceremonies in 39 days, 21 states, 9000 miles. Wow. This journey was unbelievably fun, meeting old friends from my past, friends from Peru and new people along the way that hosted me, supported me and attended the ceremonies. Thank You to everyone who was a part of this journey, from the beginning in Washington DC to the last ceremony in Ketchum, Idaho. What a fantastic experience. I reallly enjoyed the ceremonies in private residences, Joplin, MO was a very cool place to be with beautiful people, and in addition to a regular sound healing ceremony in Idaho, I gave an introduction of shamanic tools to 40 young Montessori children ages 4-8. I imagine next Spring I will get back on the road and begin another tour, perhaps starting in the Southwest and making my way to the East. Details will follow as they develop. In the meantime I will be heading to Abu Dhabi to visit family and have ceremonies there and in Dubai. Am looking quite forward to that journey. I am also planning on returning to Peru and may have some opportunities to be in Florida and Hawaii as well.

Below are a few quotes from people who attended the recent ceremonies. These comments and many others can be found on the Testimonials page.

"Much gratitude to you!! It was a sacred and powerful evening...you are a gifted practitioner and we welcome you back anytime you are in our neighborhood."

"I enjoyed meeting you so much yesterday; your ceremony blew my mind and shifted some old stuff out that needed to go while bringing in a lot of new light and energy. You are a gifted healer and I feel honored to have been able to participate in one of your ceremonies. I am definitely vibrating on a higher level now and strangely enough it continued lifting long after the ceremony last night and into the morning. Very cool and I'm truly grateful."

"Thank you so much for holding our sacred journey last night with your sincere spirit and wisdom. It was a very subtle yet profound experience for me.  Your commitment to guiding our remembering to this innate connection is most appreciated. I wish you the best on your continued journey."

September 24 2011

Being on the road has been fantastic and sharing this work in the many communities very powerful. The event at the National Portrait Gallery was amazing. Here is an article that a journalism student wrote about the event. And here an interesting piece written by Buck Downs titled A Defining Moment. I will write more as time permits!

September 1, 2011

I have a wonderful opportunity to share in the ceremonial process of a "burden boat" healing event commemorating the ten year anniversary of 9/11. This event will be working in conjunction with sculptor Kurt Steger (www.stegersculpture.com/www.911artsproject.com) and musician/artist/teacher Michael Pestel (www.michaelpestel.com). It will be held in the Robert and Arlene Kogod Courtyard of the National Portrait Gallery at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC on Sunday September 11th, 2011. I will drive from northern California and will share the healing sounds of my gongs and other indigenous tools. This is a rare opportunity and I am looking very forward to participating with these talented artists on this special occasion.

I will then continue to lead Sacred Sound Healing Ceremonies in New England, with visits to NY, MA, NH and CT before going to Virginia and a stop in Little Rock Arkansas. In early October I will hold a benefit ceremony for the community of Joplin, MO in light of the recent tornado devastation and will be in Salt Lake City and Ketchum, Idaho, also.


May 2011

Spring has arrived and I have been quite busy organizing another Spiritual Journey to Peru in the autumn. I have also been continuing my sound healing ceremonies, music projects and healing work. At Energetic Care and Wellness in El Dorado Hills we had a nice turnout as well as at the Healing Light Institute in Auburn with a number of military veterans coming to experience the healing power of the gongs. I also had an opportunity to lead a ceremony at the Woolman School in Grass Valley. This is an on-site living (on 230 acres) semester program for high school juniors, seniors and gap year students, offering students a unique opportunity to explore a range of topics on sustainability, organic farming, community living, global issues and much more. We had a great time and I am looking forward to participating in this manner in upcoming semesters. Below is a picture from the event.

March 2011

It is pretty unbelievable the series of events that have transpired so far this year. Only two and a half months into the year and we've been witness to an array of global events, most recently the absolute tragedy in Japan. In these times of tumult we experience a wide range of emotions. This is when it is most important to stay grounded, connected, deeply rooted to Pachamama (Mother Earth). She will help us stay balanced, focused and on track. Around us we may be witnessing friends, family or complete strangers enduring very challenging experiences in ways not previously known. We may be going through them ourselves. So important it is to continue to reach out to others and offer our support, and also, ask for support if we feel in need. We have to help each other along this path. We need each other.

Turn off the news, the television. While it is good to remain aware of events, sometimes it can be crippling and leave us in a state of perpetual concern, worry, frustration, uncertainty. The truth is we don't know what will happen next. Which means we need to be present in this moment. We need to continue working towards the things that give us joy, bring us happiness and contentment. Try to break out of routine patterns of behavior. Do something different each day. Our time is a gift that we need to honor. Spend more time with your children. Volunteer some time in your community. Call a relative or friend you haven't spoken to in a while, just to say you were thinking of them. Most importantly breathe. Take a moment and focus on some deep inhales and exhales. Know you are each beautiful, with great gifts and that you affect people in ways that are not always clearly understood. Know your strengths. Stay in your power. Believe in good things!!


January 2011

Happy New Year! May it be a wonderful year, filled with opportunity and growth. Thank you 2010 for all that we experienced. Welcome 2011 as we continue to move more fully into place, recognizing the power in ourselves to create and manifest, knowing the love in our hearts we have to spread and share. I will continue leading sound healing and other sacred ceremonies and workshops this year. I am getting more involved in the Forgotten Soldier Program, providing healing services to military veterans, and developing programs to expedite their healing.


October 2010

Where does the time go? Summer in Nevada City, CA is an amazing time. The Yuba River is my main delight and a place of incredible power and healing. Rituals were practically daily, tapping into the glory and beauty of the sacred waters.

The sound healing ceremonies I have led in the region have been a true joy, inspirational and validating the power of the gongs. People I have met along the way have been very supportive and I am looking forward to returning to those communities as I continue to branch out to other ones.

I recently enjoyed being a part of the festivities for Indigenous Peoples Days. The local Maidu tribe held their 5th annual Calling of the Salmon and there have been a host of activities and ceremonies integrating the traditions and teachings from tribal elders from the Mohawk, Hopi, Q'ero of Peru, Maori of New Zealand and Hawaiian tribes.


July 2010

For those who knew the dogs Paz and Luz, brothers, please hold them in your heart and keep them in your prayers as it was discovered recently that, once again, they had been maliciously poisoned but did not survive as they had in January. They were truly beautiful dogs with incredible spirit. They shall never be forgotten, nor will the wonderful times had with them. Here are some pictures to remember them by. The one of them in water is a couple weeks after the first poisoning and right after the serious flood that wreaked havoc on the Valley.

June 2010

I have been on the road since the beginning of May performing Sound Healing Ceremonies and teaching workshops. The journey has been incredible as I've traveled from northern to southern California into Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Missouri. I spent a week on the Navajo Nation Indian Reservation in Arizona at Canyon de Chelly (pron. de Shay). I participated in a traditional sweat lodge with Navajo Howard Smith, and other sacred ceremonies, in the spectacular beauty of the canyon and place of habitation of the Anasazi. I also spent time in New Mexico's Chaco Canyon, another sacred spot with a long history of indigenous living. In Taos, I reconnected with good friend Jim Lengerich and his partner Trish. We did a sweat lodge with Jim as well as a shamanic journey, part of a weekly ritual at Jim's house with members of their spiritual community. We also erected a 16' tipi in preparation for an upcoming vision quest.

In Austin, TX, I was hosted by Holly Berry, my friend from high school in London, England. We hadn't seen each other in 26 years. The workshops and sound healing were lots of fun and it was so great to reconnect after all that time. A big thank you to Holly and all who have helped and supported the journey.

In Dallas, I also reconnected with my cousin and Aunt who I hadn't seen in over 30 years. Seeing family after this time has been a wonderful addition to the trip and adds to the specialness of the trip!

From Kansas City, after spending a few days with my good friend Debby, I will journey onto Des Moines and Madison for more workshops and sound healing ceremonies before heading further north to Canada for work in Muskoka, north of Toronto.


March 2010

In March I took a couple weeks and went to Bolivia, my third visit to the country. On this trip I spent time in the southern part of Isla del Sol at Lake Titicaca, Copacabana, La Paz, Oruro and Salar de Uyuni. The journey was amazing, filled with good people, great food and sights that looked like life on another planet.

January 2010 The Flood

For five nights towards the end of January 2010, there was a solid flow of heavy rain in Cusco and the Sacred Valley. The Urubamba river rose to such degrees that the lands were flooded, bridges and houses collapsed, lives were lost. The rail line to Machu Picchu was closed, the road up to Machu Picchu from Aguas Calientes had severe landslides and left 2000 people stranded at the sacred sanctuary. Eventually they all were evacuated by helicopter and flown to Cusco. Roads were blocked with giant boulders that had fallen from rain-soaked earth. The hotel that I managed got completely flooded, with people evacuating at 3 am with water to their waists. The bridge in Pisac collapsed from the powerful flow of water. Crops have been destroyed, devastating the local economy. Now that the rains have subsided, people are trying to rebuild and resume normalcy. Local and international agencies have been set up to help provide assistance to all those affected.

Poisoned Dogs

On January 10th I found Paz, one of the two dogs I had befriended, limp and practically lifeless. Later it was determined he had been maliciously fed rat poison mixed with food. He was immediately given charcoal tablets and taken to a vet in Cusco, 45 minutes away. It was unclear if he would survive as his central nervous system was heavily affected. He was given injections and taken back home that night, where he received round-the-clock attention, love and healing from a group of well intentioned lightworkers. The next day his brother Luz fell sick, possibly being fed food with poison or eating what Paz had not finished the previous day. Fortunately, it was discovered within minutes and he also was taken to the vet and made a full recovery later that afternoon. Paz took time to recover. He had issues walking, eating and would shake terribly when exerting only the slightest of energy. After 7 days he was fully functional, making an incredible recovery and pleasing all who had been a part of his healing process.

Two other dogs were poisoned around the same time, one of which died. The vet in Cusco said the local municipalities were authorizing the posioning to control the dog populations. Some felt that the dogs were specifically targeted by a local pig farmer whose pigs had been harassed. No one knows who really did this or why, but everyone is grateful that most of the dogs have survived and returned to their normal healthy state.


December 2009/January 2010 Spiritual Journey

After two years, I left my job managing a hotel and healing center in Pisac, Peru. I went home to northern California for five weeks and returned to Peru to lead a group of 13 people from Greece on a spiritual journey through the Sacred Valley of Peru. We worked with Q'ero shamans Basilio Saduta and his wife Sabene, visited the sacred Inkan sites of Moray, Tipon and Ollantaytambo for ceremonies, despachos and journeys.

Other activities included labyrinth walking, meditations, sweat lodge, learning shamanic tools and traditions, sound healing, plant medicine, and a visit to Machu Picchu on the first of January 2010. The eight days we spent together were magical, insightful and transformational. In the future, I will be working with the Greek leader and good friend, Artemis, to bring more groups to Peru and help share the wisdom and power of the land.






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